DIY desk and nightstands

Here are a few things I've been working on lately. Most importantly I really wanted a new sleek and yet solid desk. I came up with the following design using both new wood as well as some recycled african hardwood. 
final design
first draft 
The table took me about three days to finish.

Two identical nightstands where also on my DIY list so I bought some more wood (I believe it's pine). And quickly put them together in no more then two hours.

iPhone 4 Wallpaper (HD)

A couple iPhone 4 wallpaper I created using stock images by They work best on an iPhone 4 but can also be used on any other iPhone or smartphone.

Download the iPhone wallpaper set here:

PAM Hommage with rubber strap by Hirsch

My Getat Hommage 44mm with a new rubber strap I found on

ToJ leather jacket. Quilt Double Rider

After seven long weeks of wait I finally received my custom made QDR jacket from Korea. Australian born Drew Keith makes them in Seoul, Korea. The jacket is made from the most amazing lamb leather I've ever touched (the leather actually comes from New Zealand). I emailed my measurements to him and this is what I received:
Julian Hennig

Again, I cant say how (very) satisfied I am with the fit and quality of this jacket from Temple of Jawnz (ToJ). 

Getat 44mm Marina Militare

I ordered this watch from China and I am really satisfied with the quality of it. I didn't like the strap that came with it very much (cheap looking leather) so I ordered a rubber strap from for it. Here are a few pictures I quickly snapped of the watch.